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the borough.

Tucker explained that a serious impediment to undertaking road repairs happened when the borough truck was damaged after hitting a sinkhole where sewer repairs were done. The backfill settled leaving a deep drop-off which was covered by snow. “It ripped the plow right off of the truck.”

It was agreed to look into purchasing a used truck.

In a sign of the season, Johnson gave his first Lake Management report of the year. He said that the year-end report shows that, “The lake is in healthy condition: oxygen levels are fine; the aquatic life is fine and they will be doing a fanwort treatment in the next few weeks.”

Johnson added, “The Lake Association is running at a financial deficit as the result of the expenses related to lake management. So, together with them, I am going to speak with Mullery’s office and Senator Baker’s office to see if there is any kind of state funding and between the borough and the Lake Association file for some kind of grant.”