Letter to the Editor
Litter Mars Property Of Fairview Twp. Resident

Dear Editor:

It is a blessing to see the spring season finally arrived in the Mountain Top area. I am doubly blessed to live by the scenic wooded area in Fairview Township that is along Route 437, Woodlawn Avenue. Unfortunately with “spring cleanup” season, an unusual amount of bagged household trash has been seen growing near my house-much quicker than the blooms on the pink Azaleas. The latest crop included discarded Christmas lights, toy boxes and wrappers, and packaging from custom blinds and valances among other items. I am dismayed that some parents may be sharing this unlawful practice with their children.

I realize that trash pickup is a costly expense to the residents of Mountain Top. It is to me also, and I do not enjoy filling up my trash containers with the refuse of others who have no respect for this lovely scenic community. I hope the persons who are defiling the mountain will see this letter, and maybe be shamed into acting more appropriately. Perhaps as residents of Mountain Top, we can watch for those who litter the woods and share their license numbers with the local police.

We are blessed with these beautiful woodlands we call home. Let’s keep them that way!

Thank you for printing my opinion.

Sincerely, Linda Weaver