Property Transfers

Property Transfers December 19 to February 14

E & P Hendricks and E & P Hendricks, Inc. (General Partner), White Haven Borough to Gregor Conrad, Conrad Family Irrevocable Trust and James J. Graeber, $99,900.

Joseph and Amy M. Governale, 1019 Pine Lane, Rice Township to Mark A. Vital Sr., $137,000.

Victor J. Drosey, Jr. and Louise A. Breakstone, 14 Terrace Drive, Wright Township to Joshua L. Sorber, $145,000.

Richard A. and Kimberly B. Akers, 206 Twins Lane, Rice Township to Ajay Bommareddy and Sandhya Tamma, $215,000.

Michael G. Oleyar (Trustee), Edward P. Deets, Elizabeth L Deets, Edward Deets and Elizabeth Deets, South Mountain Blvd., Fairview Township to Gary Parks, $75,000.

Jewish Community Alliance of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Rice Township to Presidential Land Co., Ltd., $21,500.

Joseph R. and Mary Ann Spoon, 3 Pinetree Road, Fairview Township to John Roland, $240,000.

Edward and Sandra Button, 7121 Blue Ridge Trail, Dorrance Township to BRP Realty, LP, $334,922.

Tami A. Piavis, Tami A. Lentz, 257 Patriot Circle, Rice Township to Nancy M. Rodgers, $118,000.

Jason D. and Jacquelyn N. Golden, 20 Elm Street, Fairview Township to Cartus Financial Corporation, $179,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation, 20 Elm Street, Fairview Township to Michael and Amber Walker, $179,000

Federal Nation Mortgage Association (Per Attorney In Fact), Fannie Mae (Per Attorney In Fact) and McCabe, Weisberg & Conway (Attorney In Fact), 250 Creek Road, Dorrance Township to Bruce Fine, $40,000.

Ernest J. and Rebecca L. Bonnevier, 5 Apple Tree Lane, Fairview Township to Matthew and Julie Schlude, $266,000.

Dana S. & Barbar A. Balum, 3275 Alberdeen Road, Dorrance Township to Julie Emm, $175,000.

Tracy Yannuzzi, 1497 Lakeview Drive, Penn Lake Park Borough to Adam C. and Michael R. Sieminski, $66,176.

James E. and Bonnie L. Rinehimer, Slocum Township to Mark Dotzel, $15,000.

Luzerne County Tax Claim Bureau, Jairo and Mary E. Quijano (Per Tax Claim), South Main Road, Wright Township to Paul and Joann Lawson, $51,512.

Luzerne County Tax Claim Bureau and Floyd Q. Moyer (Per Tax Claim), Blytheburn Road, Rice Township to Raymond Oris, $160,176.00

Sideny R. Carter, Jr. (Per Agent), Robyn Carter (Per Agent), Amy L. Feisel (Agent) and Cartus Financial Corporation (Agent), 91 Patriot Circle, Rice Township to Cartus Financial Corporation, $114,500.

Bank of New York Mellon (Trustee) and First Horizon Homes Loan (Per Trustee), 7 Arthur Circle, Fairview Township to Fred and Elaine Lewis, $84,000.

Presidential Land Co., Ltd., 1070 Manor Drive, Rice Township to David and Margorie Smullen, $443,400.

Donald B. Pry, Jr., Deborah A. Tosline, and Nancy J. Mintzer, 143 North Main Street, Fairview Township to Todd Martin, $95,500.

Karl D. Kemmerer (Co-Executor/ Trustee), Harry J. Kemmerer (CoExecutor/Trustee),Elizabeth C. Kemmerer (Estate), Elizabeth A. Kemmerer (Estate) and Kemmerer Inter Vivos Turst (Per Trustee) to Scott and Felicia Dane, $200,000.

John Geisler, 47 Greystone Drive, Fairview Township to Michael A. Falzone, $264,000.

Edward P. and Lorraine M. Nolan, 262 Grandview Avenue, Wright Township to Pamela Porcaro, $178,000.

Ami Arvindray Shah, 1016 Manor Drive, Rice Township to John David and Ronanne A. Galindo, $450,000.