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personnel issue, first of all. And the process of going through an interview and evaluation is ongoing at the moment.”

“As it is with any coach,” affirmed District Solicitor Jack Dean.

Andrews continued that there are questions as to his being kept on and, he has many supporters she assured. She said she will turn the support letters over to the administration. Having had daughters in the program for several years and having experience with 3 different coaches, Andrews expressed her approval for his performance, “He teaches our players to work hard, and how to be part of a team… He teaches that if you fall down, you get back up; losing is not the worst thing that can happen; you have to persevere.”

Student Dallas Kendra touchingly added that her coach helped her and others on her team, “The coach is not a friend; he’s a coach. A coach is supposed to give you things to improve and I have improved… He helped me be who I am.”

In rebuttal one parent expressed displeasure with the coach’s performance, but Atty. Dean and President Orloski reminded that personal comments on staff members are not appropriate in a public forum.

In student news, CHS Gifted Education student Erik Thomas eared the winning spot with his Stock Market Portfolio in the Fall 2014 University of Scranton regional Stock Market Game.

Seniors Eli Williams, Gavin Lewis Kailee Traficante respectively won 1st Place and tied for 2nd in the American Math Competition. 10th Grade students Sarah Klush, Zarqua Ansari and Ky LaMarca likewise placed 1st and tied for 2nd respectively.

Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Regional competition was held March 7th at Wilkes University. Crestwood High and Middle School students participated with coordinator Michaline Harper’s assistance. Collectively, the students brought 21 First Place awards back to Crestwood –13 in Mathematics, 4 in Chemistry, 2 in Microbiology, 1 in Botany, and 1 in Earth and Space Science. In addition, 11 Second Place awards were earned including 8 in Mathematics, 1 in Biochemistry, 1 in Botany, and 1 in Physics; a Third Place award was received in Earth and Space Science. All First Place winners will advance to the PJAS State competition in Penn State, University Park in May.

Senior Allyssa Golden placed first in Regional Chorus and qualified for All-State Chorus competition in Hershey.

Varsity wrestler Dan Ritz placed 1st in the PIAA AAA District II Wrestling Championships, and 2nd in the PIAA Northeast Regional Championships, and 8th in his weight class in the State Championships. He finishes his career with 115 wins and was the 18th State place winner from Crestwood.

The 2015 Junior/Senior Prom is scheduled for April 25th at Gennetti’s in Hazleton the event is planned for 5 to 10 pm.

The next school board meeting is April 16th at 6:30 pm