Legal Actions

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has reached the point that, “We are going to be looking up on the record as to who holds the first mortgage on these properties and notifying them that a municipal lien has been filed, which has priority over a first mortgage lien, and let them know that an execution on that lien or a foreclosure / sheriff’s sale are in the works.”

Johnson added that the authority is taking its responsibility very seriously and they don’t think it is fair to the paying residents. “We know that there is a segment out there that are saying, on principal, that they don’t want to pay. They didn’t want them 10 years ago and they don’t want them now.”

However, he said, “The $2,000 connection costs, once we file with the Prothonotary’s Office, the fees are going to start to accumulate rather quickly… So the $2,000 hook-up fee will quickly become $8 or $9 or $10 thousands.”

“Quite frankly, we don’t want to be in the real estate business, but foreclosure on the right house and this problem goes away,” Johnson said.

Council member Michelle Zawoiski asked if the delinquent residents start paying, will the costs go back down? Johnson replied, “I would hope so, yes.

“This was never in the budget, but I expect to recover a lot of money in 2015,” he concluded.

The borough’s later year paving project was discussed. While approximately $10,000 in labor costs were approved in October, it was reported by President Kochan that $22,460 in labor was actually spent. He noted that, under the state co-operative purchasing program, $11,799.99 in asphalt was purchased.

In an agreement with the sewer contractor Wexcon’s sub-contractor, Franzosa Trucking, he said, if the borough purchased the materials through the state, the labor cost were to be $10 per cubic yard to install. “It was a lot more than we bargained for,” reported Vice President and Road Master Joseph Tucker.

Kochan explained, “Because they were here with their road equipment, they gave us a pretty good price… But at the previous meeting, we agreed that we would expend $10,000 whatever in road repair. But, because of the circumstances… we kind of ran over that.”

Kochan said that the borough, afterward sought pricing in comparison, but no other contractor could meet the price. He asked for a vote of approval for a ‘Change Order’ on the work that was already done. The council members voted 6 in favor, with only Regina Plodwick dissenting on the vote.

Having delayed the meeting to meet advertising requirements for the adoption of the annual budget, council adopted the 2015 budget. The fiscal plan shows a total of $277,397 in anticipated expenditures and receipts, council voted to a 6 –1 conclusion with Plodwick again offering a no vote.