Nuangola Begins Legal Actions Against Residents With Sewer Delinquencies

“That was a very Merry Christmas to Nuangola residents,” announced former long-term secretary-treasurer Carolyn Lauer at the borough’s late December meeting.

The comment referred to a letter all property-owners received reporting that monthly sewer bills are rising from $67 to $78 -a 16% increase in one year.

“All of Nuangola got that, so they know who did and didn’t pay,” Lauer stated. “And that makes me so mad because everyone knew what they were supposed to do and certain people just didn’t do it. And that’s not fair either... That’s not right –people that know better and have never come forward and done what they were supposed to do.”

The letter from the Nuangola Borough Sewer Authority includes a total of 69 properties that have not connected to the sewer system and/or are not paying $2,025 tap-in fees or monthly treatment fees to Mountaintop Area Joint Sanitary Authority.

Signed by the Sewer Authority Chairman Ray Shirk, who recently stepped down, the letter names the people having liens against their land including Council President John Kochan and Mayor Norman Rule. Also on the list are prominent business owners and a former council member. Liens against the properties were filed as early as May of 2014.

“Things are tough and they are going to get tougher,” Lauer concluded.

The sewer project continued to dominate the 2 hour session, as liaison to the authority and Councilman Michael Johnson made his monthly report -which also focused on the sewer delinquencies and the impact on the sewer budget.

Johnson, a realtor, advised that the collection process for the authority