On and Off The Mountain/Stephanie Grubert

The weather has definitely turned fallish. I spent some time last weekend on the rainy Saturday getting my house in order and going through the summer clothes. I won’t store them too far under just yet as we are sure to have days of nice sunny weather to come, but it is time to take inventory of the cooler weather options. Sweaters, turtlenecks and long pants are replacing sundresses, golf shirts and crops.

We have harvested just about all of our garden. It’s a shame the tomatoes all ripen at once. They are only perfectly sweet for a few days before they must be eaten, given away or saved for later cooking. I usually have a few quarts of tomatoes that I use for home-made chili. The taste is amazing. I like chili all year round, but the best batches result from the home grown fruit.

The squash is a little more forgiving. The winter squash will last for a month or two. We will be coming up on Halloween and Thanksgiving before you know it. But in the meantime there are plenty of events to enjoy in Mountaintop. Churches, schools and civic groups are all busy this time of year. Check it all out in the Mountain Calendar.

Mt. Top Hose Co. No. One Celebration

Mountaintop Hose Co. No. One celebrated their 75th anniversary at the Glen Summit Clubhouse Saturday September 13. More than a hundred fire company members and “friends” and their families attended. After writing the Mountaintop news for the past 34 years I knew many of those honored. Hose Company President Dave Hourigan chaired a beautiful affair to celebrate and acknowledge the people and organizations from their community who have shared time, talent and treasure with them over the years. The Honorees, past and present were introduced and given plaques of appreciation by the fire company.

Of special interest to me was Dick Hughes reading the history of the Mountaintop Hose Company No. One, the oldest volunteer fire company in Mountaintop. Nicholas Hollock, now age 90, was one of the original volunteers was a lad of 16 when the company was chartered in 1939. He later went on the form the Mountaintop Community Ambulance association with four other founders in the 1950’s. James Cornelius was the fire company treasurer for 50 years. Pete Kohl has been Fire Chief for 37 years and Dave Hourigan has been president for 30 years. There is a lot of longevity and tradition in Mountaintop Hose Company No. One. Dave Hourigan summed up the mission of his volunteers. “Our firefighters are well prepared for whatever challenges we may face.”

Mistaken Identity We had a mistaken identity in one

of our stories last week. Our St. Jude’s publicity partner Linda Brittain sent us a story about Meet the Teacher Night. She also sent a photo of some of the parents at the event identifying them by name. Editor Kathy Flower, our proofreader Sam and I looked at the story and photo and did not question our piece. I did think the St. Jude teachers looked very young and wondered that the veterans that we had known for the last 34 years of writing up the Mountaintop news had all since retired. Well shame on us. The young parents in the photo were not the teachers. Linda told us when she called to tell us that they were mostly parents of kindergarten students. No wonder they looked so young! The Eagle apologizes for the error. Several of the veterans are still at their jobs. We are all aging with grace.

Sports Highlight The Crestwood Varsity Football

Team continues to dominate their league. Last week’s blowout against Coughlan 63-27 included five touchdowns between the two teams in the fourth quarter. Crestwood’s 67 points produced a trouncing. Playing the game is always enjoyable, but winning is the best. The team is away again this week at Pittston and then returns for a Homecoming celebration on September 27 hosting Wyoming Area.

There are many fall sports at Crestwood for the young men and ladies. The Eagle will feature each team on special pages in the weeks to come.