Tasty Turtle

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The Tasty Turtle had a bumpy start with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture inspection system. “I was using soap and water and vinegar to clean the machines and we had to find an alternative cleaning solution to be in compliance with testing,” explains Peter. The yogurt machines were tested weekly for 7 weeks and are now tested once a month by Prosser Labs, which reports the results to the PA Department of Agriculture. Each yogurt machine in the state is tested once a month. “The Agriculture Department gave us suggestions on how to insure that we remain in compliance,” he adds.

Tasty Turtle’s goal is to sell frozen yogurt year round. “We will adjust our hours for the season. We are working on partnerships with sport teams and other groups to get people to Tasty Turtle and we will rebate a percentage of sales generated by those groups. Right now The Mountaintop Blitz Football and Cheerleaders have an option to come to the yogurt restaurant after games. 20% of the sales they bring in will be refunded.

The Tasty Turtle Mascot can be seen around town on occasion. The Turtle marched in the Mountaintop July 4 parade handing out discount coupons to people on the route. Recently the Turtle was at Rice Elementary at the invitation of the PTA, who were organizing a frozen dessert event. “We are working on a gift card promotion with the groups earning a percentage of sales,” explains Marcia.

The Tasty Turtle owners want to enjoy a relationship with the Mountaintop community and to continue to grow their business. Although it is tucked away at the rear of the new shopping center, Tasty Turtle can become a new favorite spot for Peter and Marcia’s customers. Hours are Tuesday to Thursday 2 p. m. to 9 p. m., Friday 2 p. m. to 10 p. m., Saturday Noon to 10 p. m. and Sunday Noon to 9 p. m. “We offer samples of all our flavors,” the partners assert. “Customers can try before they buy.”