Mountaintop On The Move Working To End Property Taxes

Dear Editor:

The Sept. 9, 2014 article on the Times Leader front page is now being read all over the state. People in 84 groups are forwarding it to all their networks.

This article describes the humiliating hardships of people who are begging officials not to seize their homes because they fell behind with their school property taxes.

Are all of these foreclosures the best model our legislators can devise to fund our schools? Mundy, Blake and Pashinski think so.

No one knows exactly how many times this happen in Pennsylvania, but an educated guess is that evictions number at least in the hundreds of thousands.

Good God! Do these FORECLOSURE SPECIALISTS and their supports not have a heart when they evict thousands of poor children out on the street with these mass foreclosures?

Please read and pass this on. It is heart breaking.

Please forward this link to your Senator and Representative with comments, if you wish. This kind of abuse MUST end.

This is why we are working to end school property taxes in Pennsylvania.

Gene Haverlak President, Mountain Top on the Move