Mountaintop Hose Co. No. 1 Celebrates 75th Anniversary
75th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION-Mountaintop Hose Co. No. 1 celebrated its 75th Anniversary at special dinner celebration held at the Glen Summit Clubhouse. The 75th anniversary fund drive generated $117,000 from donations leaving a balance of $110,000 outstanding on the cost of the new truck. Shown in front of their new $480,321 fire truck are Dave Hourigan, Hose. Co. President; JohnYazwinski, Pete Kohl, Phil Holbrook, Josh Antosh, Bill Aigeldinger, Doug Guignet, Mike Herron, Tim McGinnis, Todd Wagaman, and Shawn Prohaska.

Mountaintop Hose Co. No. 1 celebrated their 75th Anniversary at a beautiful dinner at the Glen Summit Clubhouse Saturday September 13, 2014.

Fire Company officers Dave Hourigan, president; Phil Holbrook, vice-president; Bill Aigeldinger, secretary; and Shawn Prohaska, treasurer along with trustees Tim McGinnis, Mike Herron, Doug Guignet hosted the event. Peter J. Kohl, fire chief; Todd Wagaman, 1st Asst. Chief, John Yazwinsky, 2nd Asst. Chief; and Captains Steve Taylor and Josh Antosh thanked more than two dozen honorees for their past and present gifts of time and treasure to the hose company.

At the top of the list was Nicholas Hollock, who was an original organizer of the fire company as a 15-year-old teenager in 1938. The charter was signed in 1939. James M. Cornelius was the treasurer for 50 years. Steven J. McGinnis and Victor Pavlick were also honored as past leaders.

Community Organizations in attendance included the Rotary Club of Mountaintop, the Kiwanis Club of Mountaintop, the Mountaintop Family Church and the Fairview Township Board of Supervisors. The Rotary, Kiwanis and Church have volunteered to man the food stands for the fire company’s annual bazaar for many years. In addition the Mountaintop Rotary Club donated $1000 to the hose company in appreciation for all the help they gave in assisting the Rotary with their successful Steam Train Excursion fundraiser on July 5, 2014.

Ongoing financial support from the F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc., The Marquis George Macdonald Foundation, and The Nesbitt Family Charitable Foundation was acknowledged.

Individuals and businesses receiving certificates of appreciation included Adrienne Boyer, Modern, The Floor Store; Andrew Cornell, Cornell Iron Works; Jeffrey Pierro and Carl Gentilesco, McCune Funeral Service; Nancy Yalch, Yalch Insurance; and Nancy Rosenblatt, Preferred Travel.

Individual honorees were cited for

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