On and Off The Mountain

than American. We enjoy their treasures too so travel is a wonderful educational experience. For those of you who are not tied to the school year, there are many wonderful travel options for September and October when the weather is still agreeable and the crowds are back home. Dates with Grandchildren Our last weeks with the Dicus children have been jam-packed. Charlie and I enjoy taking each child on one or more

special outings each year. The children call them “ dates” and I feel more special that we have come up with a plan and we go out to explore something new. Last week I took 6-year-old Maggie for her date to several shopping venues downtown and wetopped off the day with lunch and a stop at the “ froyo” shop. The date usually includes some type of athletic event and Maggie loves to go to thegolf course to hitballs, putt and play a few holes. Our Tuesday date was rain logged but we dashed between the drops and finished off in time for dinner at home. The next day 11 year old Patrick and I had planned to play 9 holes at Blue Ridge

Trail Golf Course and then venture forth for the shopping and dining option. Patrick has a beautiful swing and is very patient. When the heavens really opened up on our fourth hole he was ready to bag it and leave. I suggested we just wait and the skies brightened only 5 minutes later and we finished our round. I really don’t like Mother Nature to dictate

my plans. We

had cover and although play was cart path only thatday, that was another plus as we both got a lot more steps in for the day. I really had neverbeen to a video game store and Patrick wanted to stop at Game Stop. You can buy new, trade for cash, buy

used, rent— the options arelimitless.There are several versions of Xbox games, controllers and additions to make the experience more complex. We bought a game and some peripherals forthe new Xbox One that was recently delivered to our house and my date was ready for home time fun too. Previously I had taken 9 year old Kate on a golf date. She is a dedicated student and although my golf teaching skills are not what a real teacher

could offer I was patient with her repeating the things that my husband tells me after 17 years of instruction. Hitting the ball up high into the air is always a thrill no matter hold old you are. Kate golfed again another time with me and her 6-year-old sister Maggie and both girls were begging for one more outing on Sunday before they packed their bags for the season. Sunday was as fun a golf outing as you could plan. Charlie Grubert and I played with Charlie and Patrick Dicus at Mount Laurel. The boys and I hit from the red tees and occasionally Charlie was “ promoted” to the silvers tee

when the red tees were close enough for him to drive the green. I didn’t measure every drive but one of 13-year-old Charlie’s drives was 187 yards. He told me he has been playing since he was 4, so that is 9 years of practice. How time flies. As the family prepares for departure Charlie and I both say the summer flew by. We did lots of fun things and we will continue to enjoy

times with our grandchildren, but the time they take up residence in Mountaintop will always be treasured. We wake up and greet the day with the cats running about and waffles on the menu. The birds chirp in the morning and the crickets at night. There are chores and cleanups but most of all there is a lot of laughter and fun. The boys camped out next to my vegetable garden three nights last week and therewereno further deer marauding the garden. Their grandfather told them to take down the tent before they left. The human presence was

the best thing for keeping the deer under control. The harvest has been placed next to the road and I am happy to say that our neighbors have taken and enjoyed what the earth gave us this year.With luck we will soon have more to share thanks to last week’s rain. Labor Day Remembrance The Mountaintop Eagle staff is working on our big LaborDayEdition next week. The end of summer is respectfully remembered through the lives of all of the working people in our community. Earning wages, paying income and

payroll taxes and producing a product or service of value are the backbone of the economy. For the last six years jobs and therefore the wages and taxes they generate have been greatly challenged. Companies have scaled down or in many cases gone bankrupt or been taken over by banks and creditors. The CertainTeed plant in the Crestwood Industrial Park was mothballed years ago when the demand for the product they manufactured, fiberglass insulation, declined because of the housing slump. Those employees had to scramble for other positions after

years of service. The newspaper industry has seen dramatic changes since the 2008 recession began. Large papers including the Harrisburg Patriot in our state capital have given up print and retooled as online publications. Most newspapers have print and digital formats. The information we provide is valuable. The delivery options are changing. Customers want online delivery on mobile devices. This was science fiction 30 years ago. Ben Franklin, see what newspapers have become! Labor Day celebrates the trades and the unions that kept them viable and strong. We can only

move ahead one day at a time. The

workingmen and women have earned a day of respect. people were not verified on each sign-off. Johnson said it’s been a challenge to get the proper documentation. Expressing his frustration, Kochan concluded, “ Isn’t it a little late for getting into that? I mean, the project’s in and done.” AWESOME CAMARO-Fernando Laezza and his took a liking to this beautiful ‘ 89 IROC Z28 Camaro that was on display at the Annual Wright Township Volunteer Fire Department Car Show. Mountain Calendar Note: Calendar notices must have phone numbers. CHS Class of 1984 Reunion Catch up with “ old” friends for a catered BBQ, DJ and more on Saturday, August 30th from Noon -11pm. Kids are welcome at reduced rate. Sign up at

www. crestwood1984reunion. eventbrite. com Be sure to stop by the Meet & Greet starting at 7pm on Friday evening, Aug. 29 @ Dorrance Inn! Questions? ( 570) 868-8213. Mt. Top Diabetes Support Group The Mt. Top Diabetes Support Group will be held on Thursday, August 28th from 7-9 p. m. in St. Jude’s School Music Room. Topic for this meeting is: “ Food and Mood”, an interesting talk

on connections between mood, diet, brain function, stress, mental health,, academic success, body weight and more. This meeting is open to the public. Speaker is Ruth Wimsatt-Jones, MS, RD, LDN. Call Triangle Pharmacy