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September 10, 2014. each student needs his own policy. Even if a student is covered by

Mom and Dad’s homeowner insurance, making a claim on a renter’s policy will be much less expensive for everyone in the long run. Ignoring auto upkeep: While today’s cars last longer, it’s important to take care of oil changes, tire rotations and other maintenance issues. Change the wiper blades once a year and make sure there’s enough tread on your tires –

at least 2/ 32nds of an inch. Follow the owner’s manual’s recommendations to help keep your ride smooth. Students should know when these basic services are necessary to prevent costly repairs that arise as a resultof a poorly maintained vehicle. Not having a roadside emergency provider: Whether they’re the driver or passenger, it’s crucial for students to be prepared in the will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary with a Dinner Celebration to be held Saturday, September 13, 2014 at the Glen Summit Clubhouse. Tickets are now

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at 6 p. m. with a program to follow. The cost of the dinner is $ 45.00 per person. Reservations can be made by calling 570-715-7755. Seating is limited so besure to reserve early. L ETTERS P OLICY Letters to the Editor must be signed. They will not be published without the author’s signature. The Mountaintop

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