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District Magistrate Court Reports
Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault

White Haven resident Eddy Pierre Louis, 48, of 223 Towanda Street, has been charged with Aggravated Assault, and four counts of Simple Assault-Attempt for allegedly abusing his four minor children. Charges were filed on August 5, 2014.

According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause, on April 6, 2014, Officer Stasik of the White Haven Police Department received a dispatch from the Luzerne County Comm. Center had received a 911 hang up call. On a call back from the Comm. Center, the child that answered the phone stated that his dad, Eddy Pierre Louis had been hitting him and his brothers with a belt. The caller was a 12-year old minor child.

Upon arrival at the home at 223 Towanda Street, Officer Stasik separated the children from their father and spoke to each of the minor children individually.

The first child, 10, stated when his father arrived home he asked the children who was in the front room. The child stated it was he and the father hit him in the head with a metal bat on the right side of his head. The officer felt the child’s head and there was a bump. The officer asked how often does this happen and the child stated all the time.

The second child, 12, stated their dad hits them with a belt, and showed the officer his legs showing bruises. The child also stated his dad hit his brother in the head with a bat.

The third child, 13, did not make any disclosure the he was a witness to the incident with a bat but stated he doesn’t get hit as much now that he is older.

The fourth child, 7, said his dad hits them and showed the officer his legs and the bruises on them.

The officer then contacted Chief Thomas E. Szoke who directed her to contact Children and Youth and take protective custody of the children. An ambulance was also called for the child with the head injury. The children were turned over to Children and Youth.

On April 24, 2014, the four minor children were interviewed and had a physical exam. During the interviews, all of the children’s statements remained consistent with the initial report, although they did speak of being hit with hangers, slippers, a metal belt (leather belt with metal holes in it), and a broom handle. All the children stated the hitting began around the time they started kindergarten and the 13 year old stated he does not get hit as much anymore now that he is older. The children also reported of being hit on legs, knuckles, stomach and back. The children stated the hitting would occur while their mother was at work. All interviews have been recorded and are in possession of the White Haven Police Department.

Upon the physical exam, all the minor children did show bruising and welts that would be consistent with being hit by a belt or other hard objects. Pictures were taken during the exam to document the scars found during the exam.

Eddy Pierre Louis was interviewed at the White Haven police Station on June 3, 2014 at which time he was read his Miranda warnings.

When asked if he ever hit his children, Pierre Louis stated “only with an open hand on their back sides, never a belt or anything else.”

When asked how his children got the bruises, Pierre Louis stated “That (the 13 year old) did it, he always plays rough with the other boys.”

When asked why all the children had consistent statements on several occasions, Pierre Louis stated “That (the 13 year old) had put the other kids up to it cause they don’t like the way they get penalties for bad grades or not listening to the rules.”

It was concluded through interviews and physical exams that all four minor children had been physically abused, and all four of the children identified the person who abused them was Eddy Pierre Louis. All four children also stated and held consistent that the abuse began around the time they began kindergarten.

A preliminary hearing has been set Wednesday, August 20 at 10 a. m. befire Magistrate Ron Swank.

Speeding, DUI, Drug Possession

David Fey, 137 Kirby Avenue, Mountaintop, age 43, was charged with Misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence, DUI Highest Rate of Alcohol 0.163%, Possession of Marijuana and Exceeding the Maximum Speed Limit by 14 miles per hour on May 2, 2014.

According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause filed by Fairview Township Patrolman Kevin Stahley on August 13, 2014 the officer was sitting in the parking lot of Januzzi’s Pizza, 76 N Mountain Blvd monitoring traffic. Fey was timed travelling south on Route 309 on his 2008 Honda Goldwing in the 45 m. p. h. zone at 59.221 m. p. h. He pulled over at 35 Kirby Avenue and Officer Stahley approached Fey, who had a strong odor of an intoxicating beverage on his breath. Fey’s eyes were blood shot and glossy and his speech was slurred. Fey admitted to consuming six (6) beers earlier in the evening. Fey had an unsteady gait and was swaying back and forth after he got off his bike. He agreed to field sobriety tests and subsequently failed them.

Fey asked to secure his motorcycle and the officer followed him back to the motorcycle. As the defendant was securing the motorcycle Officer Stahley observed him toss a small plastic container in front of the patrol car. Fey was arrested for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and secured in the rear of the patrol car. Officer Stahley retrieved the small plastic container from the front of the patrol car. The container had a small amount of a green leafy substance that subsequently tested positive for marijuana.

Fey was taken for blood testing and transported back to his residence and advised that charges would be filed at District Court11-3-06. Fey is awaiting a preliminary hearing.

Damage, Theft Of Railroad Property

Shawn Grier, age 45, 119 Holly Lynn Dr, Hazle Twp, PA 18201, was charged August 11, 2014 with Misdemeanors Theft by Unlawful Taking –Movable Property, Receiving Stolen Property, Criminal Mischief-Another Pecuniary Loss, Damage to Railroad Property, infrastructure or equipment, and Disorderly Conduct Hazardous Physical Offense for an incident that occurred on June 3, 2014. Brent A Witner, age 33, 152 Holly Lynn Drive, Hazle Township, PA was also charged with the same Misdemeanor offenses and also Driving While His Operators Privileges were Suspended or Revoked.

Ptlm. Matthew Fredmonski of the Reading & North Railroad Police discovered that a wire theft had occurred sometime in the morning hours on June 3 in the area of MP-150-150m in Dennison Township. Approximately 3 spans of #8 copper clad wire were taken from the railroad’s main power signal line. Fredmonski noticed that there were footprints in the dirt around the area coming and going from the woods. Signal maintainer Gavinski advised that the wire would have to be replaced because it supports direct signal to the dispatcher at the main office for track indication if a train is in the area and traffic.

Fredmonski later contacted Eastern Metal and Scrap Yard to see if approximately 900 feet of wire had come in that day. Ryan at the scrap yard said that the wire did in fact come into the scrap yard a little after 12 p. m. that day. Ryan said Shawn Grier had come in with the stolen wire in a black Chevrolet Trailblazer with PA plates. Ryan said he would put the wire aside for positive identification by Sgt. Parks from the Reading and Northern Railroad with maintainer Gavinski to identify the wire. On June 4, 2014 Pa rks identified the wire

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to belong to the railroad.

On June 5 Officer Fredmonski and Sgt. Parks went to speak with Shawn Grier about the incident, who advised that he took the wire that was located in a wooded area and that it was taken to the scrap yard by a Brent Witner and they cashed in the wire.

The Reading & Northern Railroad Police later spoke with Brent Witner, who gave a story that Mr. Grier had the wire at his house and he called him for a ride to the scrap yard and they he would give Witner gas money. Brent Witner agreed and took Shawn Grier to the scrap yard. Witner and Grier went back and forth with the officers about their stories changing every time they were asked

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