Burglary Charges Filed Against Fairview Man

Eugene Jeffrey Adams, Jr., 27, 6 Park Way North, Fairview Township has been charged with a string of residential burglaries that took place in Mountaintop beginning in March, 2014.

Adams Jr. was initially arrested on July 16 by Fairview police and charged with three felony counts of Burglary –Overnight Accommodation, No Person Present, Criminal Trespass-Break Into Structure, and Criminal Attempt –Burglary –Overnight Accommodation, No Person Present and a Misdemeanor Theft by Unlawful Taking-Movable Property in connection with a break-in at 1 Park Lane North.

Adams Jr., 26, was charged on August 11 with five burglaries that took place last month in Fairview Hills and Fairview Park.

XBOX 360 Stolen

According the affidavit of probable cause, on March 28 Officer Jocelyn Wadzin was dispatched to 4 Park Lane North for an XBOX 360 that was stolen from a residence. The home owner, Gary Sulkowski, stated he observed that the XBOX game system that was in his living room along with one controller was stolen from his home along with a change container with $70 in change.

Sulkowski stated the residence had been unlocked for eight hours. After interviewing the neighbors, one neighbors, Walt Bogumil who resides down the street from the Sulkowski home, stated he did observe Eugene Adams Jr. wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt walking through Sulkowski’s yard at about 12 noon on March 27.

On May 31, Officer Wadzin spoke to Steve Greene from The Video Game Store about the missing XBOX 360 from the Sulkowski residence Greene stated that on March 28, he bought an XBOX 360 from Eugene Adams Jr. The XBOX matched the serial number of the one taken from the Sulkowski residence. When Greene came to the police station he provided paper work with Eugene Adams Jr’s signature. ID was established by employees in the form of PA ID that Adams Jr. produced. He also signed the acknowledgement that he is the owner of the property and has a right to sell the item.

On July 16, Det. Sgt. Phil Holbrook arrested Adams Jr, for a Burglary that he had just committed. While in custody, Adams Jr, was asked about the burglary at the Sulkowski residence, Adams Jr. described the residence and admitted to entering through the unlocked front door and taking the XBOX 360 along with some cash. He stated he took the XBOX 360 to The Video Game Store in Wilkes-Barre and sold it for $40 or $50.

Jewelry, Cash Stolen

Adams Jr. was also charged with a Burglary at the residence at 94 Deer Path Drive. On July 17, Officer Wadzin went to the residence at 8:45 a. m. to make contact with the homeowner in reference to a class ring that was found in the possession of Eugene Adams Jr. when he was taken into custody for the burglary on July 16. The 2010 class ring had the name of Elisa and Holy Redeemer HS. There was no one home at the residence but neighbor Joe Lisiewski walked over to talk and to tell the officer that the Giustos were on vacation. Lisiewski was the key holder to the residence.

While walking around the residence with the neighbor, Officer Wadzin observed a window screen leaning against the house in the rear of the residence. The window was unlocked. The neighbor and the officer went into the residence and observed that the plants had been knocked over and there was dirt on the floor under the unlocked window and decorations were knocked over and on the floor under the window.

On July 29 at 10:20 a. m., the officer went to the Guisto residence to speak with Elisa Giusto and her father, Felice Giusto. Elisa stated she was missing a gold Celtics necklace ($20), a pair of 18kt gold three circle earrings ($80), a gold crucifix ($50), and a gold fashion jewelry necklace ($10). Felice also advised the officer that his son had $500 cash taken from his top dresser drawer in his bedroom in the front of the residence.

On July 29, Elisa and Felice Giusto came to the station to identify some of the jewelry which is held in evidence from the initial arrest of Adams Jr. for Burglary. Elisa identified the class ring, a gold Celtics necklace and a gold circle fashion jewelry necklace.

On July 30, Sgt. Holbrook and Officer Wadzin interviewed Adams Jr. who admitted to taking the screen off the rear unlocked window and entering the residence. He admitted to taking $300 from a drawer in the bedroom and several pieces of gold jewelry from two other bedrooms.

Playstation 3 Stolen

Eugene Jeffrey Adams, Jr. was charged with Burglary at 43 Fairview Park for the theft of a Playstation 3.

The affidavit of probable cause states that on May 29, Officers Wadzin and Benson responded to the residence of Patricia Martin and her son, Justin Martin. Patricia stated that she was out of town from May 24 to May 26. On May 29 she realized that her Sony Playstation 3 and her 2 controllers were missing from her bedroom. Officers spoke with Justin who stated that he forgot to lock the door on May 25. Justin received a phone call from Eugene Adams Jr. asking what he was doing to which he replied he was at work, Adams Jr. then asked Justin Martin to text him when he left work.

On May 31, Officer Wadzin spoke to Steve Greene from The Video Store about the missing Sony Playstation 3 from the Martin residence. Greene stated that on May 27 he bought a Sony Playstation 3 from Adams Jr. When Greene came to the police station, he provided paperwork that was filled out at The Video Store with Eugene Adams Jr’s information on it.

On July 30, Det. Sgt. Holbrook and Officer Wadzin went to the Luzerne County Prison and interviewed Adams Jr. who admitted to entering through an unlocked front door and took a Sony Playstation 3 from the upstairs bedroom of the residence. After taking the Sony Playstation 3, Adams Jr. took it to The Video Game Store in Wilkes-Barre and sold it for approximately $60.

Flat Screen TV Stolen

Eugene Jeffrey Adams Jr. was charged with Burglary of a flat screen TV from a residence on Park Lane North that it is alleged he previously burglarized on March 28.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, on July 14 at 4 p. m., Officer Benson arrived at the residence of Gary Sulkowski who stated that his 42” flat screen television made by Westinghouse was taken from his residence. Sulkowski stated that whoever did it came in through the front window. He also stated it looked like someone was trying to pry open his daughter’s bedroom door.

Sulkowski stated that he left his house to go to work at about 6:30 a. m. and came home around 4:50 p. m. While he was at work his mother and 14-year old daughter came into the residence around 9:30 a. m. His daughter stated that the television was still there at that time.

Sulkowski then called police to state that his daughter’s Asus Laptop had also been taken from the residence.

On July 16, Adams Jr. was taken into custody for the burglary he had just committed. Adams Jr. was asked about the burglary at 4 Park Lane North and described the residence. He admitted he entered the house between 10:30 and 11 a. m. on July 14 through an open front window after removing the screen. He said he took a 42” TV and a Laptop and some jewelry which he had on him at the time of his arrest. He took the TV and laptop to The Video Store in Wilkes-Barre. Adams stated he got $100 for the TV but they wouldn’t give him anything for the laptop because it was broken. He later threw the laptop away. Adams later admitted he did not take the jewelry from the residence and the jewelry he had on him was taken from another residence he had burglarized.

Eugene Jeffrey Adams, Jr. was also charged with a July 13 Burglary of an apartment at Fairview Park. Jewelry and $100 taken.

Adams Jr. is lodged in the Luzerne County Prison in lieu of $20,000 bail. The Burglary charges have been waived to court.