Route 309

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Latona Construction engineer Brad Hontz reported there have not been too many issues, noting work was being done on one spot on the rock face that was a little loose. He added they were getting ready for the second cut.

Blasting has been scheduled during low traffic volume, usually between 10-11:30 a. m. and 1-3 p. m. Blasting warnings are posted.

Hanover Township Police Chief Albert Walker also stated there were no issues. He explained that the state’s Aggressive Driving Grant awarded to Fairview and Hanover townships to target the Route 309 project has been utilized as “a three segment wave”. Walker noted the third segment will start in two weeks until mid-September, and after that, there will be normal patrols. In regard to speeding, Walker noted the project is a “target rich environment” but it is being addressed. “People speeding are being held accountable but it’s a lot better than it was initially,” said Walker.

Wright Township Police Chief Royce Engler noted there were no problems as far as the project was concerned but inquired about the status of the bridge work on Route 309 in Wright Township.

Yoniski responded that the utility poles should start to be relocated to be this week, along with some site work. The work is expected to go through the end of September to mid-October. That stretch of road was not expected to be shut down

Officials have scheduled the next meeting to discussed project, which is expected to be completed in mid-November, for September 11 at 10 a. m. at the Fairview Township Municipal Building.