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worthy of publication and was a good start in terms of finding her audience.

“The characters were well drawn and the pros had a clear beginning middle and end,” explains Reggie. “It was the most complete first draft I had had and the edits came together more smoothly and quickly. I felt like this was ‘the one’.”

Reggie says that, although there are no clear direct parallels to her life, she did draw on certain experiences that now “anchor” her to the piece. She remarks it came together in a bit of a “haphazard” way, though certain points and story arcs were already very clear in her head. She then filled in with character reactions, dialogue and detail.

Ironically enough, devices like the Amazon Kindle and Google books are now drastically changing the paperback landscape just as itunes changed radio.

“I seem to have a knack for

industries in turmoil,” jokes Reggie. However, the author does not seem to be daunted in any way.

“I’m always writing, so even before this went to print, I had already started something else and there are other projects I have going through revisions,” says Reggie.

One of those “other projects” is a science fiction composition that Reggie is very excited about. She describes it as a “post apocalyptic, dystopian, urban trilogy” she is writing with friend, Devon Miller. She is also working on a collection of short stories.

Haunted is available in digital formats at,,and is also available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For information, signings and appearances, the author can be contacted at