Local Author Reggie Lutz Release Debut Novel
MOUNTAINTOP RESIDENT Reggie Lutz has released her debut novel, Haunted, that she hopes will be well received

Mountain Top resident Reggie Lutz has just released her debut novel, Haunted, in June.

Haunted begins with the McTutcheon sisters, who are grieving over the loss of their sister, Gwen, and decide to confront Gwen’s angry widower, Evan about settling her will. According to the press release, “Events in everyone’s lives take some surprising and not altogether healthy turns that leaves Gwen’s ghost frustrated and the sisters lives increasingly complicated until a random, threatening event jars them into making changes.”

The story weaves through the complicated reactions to grief that the characters experience, as well as the complicated family relationships that develop throughout the story. Reggie says that those elements are what she always wanted to explore, and knew from the very beginning that she wanted to write a story about family and loss, as well as the mundane daily life occurrences that happen between major life events.

“I feel like fiction often focuses on the major life changing events and not the in between. Even when nothing is happening, something is happening,” says Reggie.

Reggie holds BA from Penn State in Women’s Studies but has worked in her first love, radio, since graduation. Her degree, she says, has proved very useful in the craft of writing because it required strong writing skills to complete. Reggie relates she has been interested in writing fiction since she was a little kid and even wrote her first novel when she was 12.

“Everybody in grade school and preschool had different classroom projects where you can draw pictures and write your own story,” recalls Reggie. “I always loved that.”

However, Reggie didn’t get serious about writing until she was 28. Well known in the central part of the state as “Reggie” from 101.1 The Revolution in State College, Lutz says that she switched to writing as a second career when the wide use of the internet to buy and exchange music changed the radio scene. Reggie continues to stay in touch with the industry by volunteering at WRKC in Kings College over the summer. Haunted, she says, took her about a year and a half to complete and was the first of her many writings that she felt was

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