ST. JUDE STUDENTS CREATE TEAM T-SHIRTS-At the end of the school year, students at St. Jude School enjoyed a Field Day where everyone was divided into twelve teams with students from each grade on each team. Eighth graders served as team captains. In order to get to know the members of their team, the captains visited each classroom to assist the younger students with decorating their team’s colored shirt. A full day of competitions was held with activities including basketball, soccer, hockey, hula hoop, water relays, bowling, obstacle course, and several other challenges. Parent volunteers recorded each team’s scores, and an awards ceremony was held at the end of the day. Shown working on their shirts, front from left: Rishi Patel and Michael Grandzol. Back: Christopher Herbener, Morghan Murphy, Hayley Keiser, Evelyn Bassett, Lizzie Kolojejchick, and Trey Mouledoux.