Rob Powis, owner of Mountain Express physically located at 1757 Stairview Road, Wapwallopen in Dorrance Township called the Mountaintop Eagle to clarify a Dorrance Township meeting report published in the July 23 edition. Powis objected to remarks made by Keith Hazlak, Stairville Rd, at the July 14th meeting. Hazlak said the loss of a trailer from a Mountain Express truck coupler sent the truck to rest in his yard. Hazlak said that on June 7 at 9:20 p. m. there was a big bang and questioned “what kind of truck company loses their trailer off of their truck across two lanes of the highway?” Hazlak added at the meeting that a car trying to avoid the obstacle veered into his front yard almost hitting him.

Powis said “The trailer never left Stairville Road and there was access for traffic through Mountain Express property. The trailer was not in front of his house. It is a public road and it happens all the time. There was never any danger of the trailer going over to his house. Our trailer was removed off the road within 10 minutes.”

Powis says the Mountain Express property is located on the sight of the old Kenny Roushey Garage, which operated for 50 years. Powis bought the property in 2006 and has operated it as a trucking company employing 17 in $50,000 per year jobs for the past 8 years.

There is an appeal pending in court over zoning of the property.