Nuangola Lake Association Continues Summer Traditions

The lazy days of summer are in full swing and at Nuangola Lake, residents are enjoying a full slate of warm weather activities.

The Nuangola Lake Association sponsors a number of events, the most popular of which is the Cottage Decoration competition. Liz Graham, president of the Lake Association, relates, “Our Cottage Decorations with Luminaries Evening has been an annual event for well over 60 years. Some believe the tradition may have started as early as 1915. Our theme this year was “Sports” and we had entries from World Cup Soccer to a re-creation of Fenway Park to a live display of the National Spelling Bee featured on ESPN. Nancy Williams, Olga Nosovitch, Susie and Bill Wagner chaired the Cottage Decoration/Luminaries event.”

The annual tradition, which began as a boat parade, was held on Saturday, July 19 this year. Once again, the creativity on display was dazzling as lakefront homeowners transformed their cottages and two-dozen participants decorated their boats for a colorful pageant. The luminaries that made the setting so charming produced a shimmering glow as the lakefront became a boundary, mirrored in their reflection.

The event was all about family fun as several generations gathered to display their creations and enjoyed those of their neighbors.

The winners in this year’s Animated category this year are: 1st Place, the Saylor Family for National Spelling Bee, 2nd Place, Koons Family for Baseball; and 3rdPlace, the Shea Family for Churchill Downs. Honorable Mention honors went to the Mahler Family for WWE Wrestling and Boellman Family for World Cup Soccer.

In the Non-Animated Category, 1stplace went to Nosovitch Family for Sports Medicine, 2nd place to the Borland Family for Boston Red

NUANGOLA LAKE ASSOCIATION sponsored its annual Water Sports Competition which featured several events including the two-person canoe race.

Sox/Fenway Park, and 3rd Place to the Stapinski Family for Phillies. Honorable Mentions went to The Pines: Lake Placid and Stets Family for Penn State.

The fun continued last weekend as the first ever Movie on the Lake kicked off a family weekend on July 25th. Friends and neighbors gathered at Ayre’s dock by the Boardwalk to begin the evening with music provided by DJPJ until the start of the movie at dusk.

“This past Saturday we had our annual Water Sports Competition,” continues Liz. “Water Sports is an opportunity for our residents to show off their Lake skills from swimming to kayaking to canoeing. I know a 5-year old who has been training for the competition all summer!! She earned her trophy on Saturday the old-fashioned way--hard work and practice!!”

Liz notes the Griswold family has been hosting the Competition for decades and they have at least two generations working the event

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