ST. JUDE STUDENTS ENJOY CREEK STOMP-The Father Nolan Nature Trail located behind St. Jude School on the parish campus provides an exciting site for outdoor science activities for the students. The trail offered the perfect setting for the second, third, fourth and fifth grades to conduct a Creek Stomp. The objective was to identify aquatic insects and describe how they are adapted to living in the water. The stream flowing through the trail provided abundant examples for the students. The experience included learning how these insects develop, how they breathe, what they eat, what eats them, an insect match-up worksheet, and a puzzle/word search. Other activities involved investigating different type of insect mouths, and designing their own insect and explaining how it would adapt to its habitat. Shown from left: Jack Novelli, Lauren Lokuta, Abe Hagenbuch, Chloe Pugh, and Kesi Wambold.