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with township regulations according to Zoning Officer Alan Snelson. The first annual inspection of the Pennsy Supply, Small Mountain Quarry took place in June, he reported. The operation’s Conditional Use approval contained dozens of comments the company was tasked to follow. Snelson said that the tour and conference with Pennsy officials was very informative and that the conditions imposed by the board are being satisfied.

In other business, a contract was executed with the Luzerne County Conservation District for a $26,684.10 grant for the repair of gravel roads. The funds are targeting improvements to storm water systems –swales and pipes -along Taney Road. The project must be completed by June 15, 2015.

And, after a public hearing immediately prior to the regular meeting, the board approved the “intermunicipal transfer of Liquor License #R-5307 per the request of Bellucci Group, LLC” doing business as Flo’s Deli which is located at 683 South Mountain Boulevard.

The next Dorrance meeting will take place on Monday, August 11th at 7 pm.