ST. JUDE CLASSES VISIT HILLSIDE FARM-An exciting end-of-the-year activity for the PreKindergarten and Kindergarten students at St. Jude School in Mountaintop was to visit The Lands at Hillside Farms in Shavertown. Through the generosity of the Parent Teacher Guild, the students were able to enjoy a day at this local educational site. Teachers and parent chaperones helped guide the students through the farmlands, barns, and greenhouses, under the direction of a Hillside Farms educational leader. The students learned about the animals and plants on the farm, enjoyed an outdoor lunch, and were thrilled to have a surprise ice cream treat to conclude their visit. Shown, front from left: Payton Bayley, Ava Glynn, Gabrielle Carlin, Jacob Jeckell, Eric Strish, Eli Quintos, Celia Stahlnecker, Tommy Wells, Emily Conway, Henry Muller, and Baylee Makarczyk. Row two: Lilah Barrett, Katelyn Sweich, Denali Albright, Cole Pugh, Allen Seifert, Madeline Cappillo, Gabriella White, Cali Glaser, Adrienne Shebelock, Simran Sharma, Julie Rose Peterlin, Alexis Chandler, Claire Pugh, and Abigail Chandler. Row three: Lillian Muller, Victoria White, Anson Jumper, Jacob Kopko, Christopher Herbener, Trey Mouledoux, Jordan Paulshock, Alex Gordon, Joseph Mayernik, Rishi Patel, Luis Ortiz, Ellis Tammarine, Pierce Sparich, Cayden Sartori, Michael Grandzol, Dylan Venesky, Lizzie Papciak, Patrick Smith, Alexis Panzik, Madeline Krupa, Kyra Chepolis, and Abigail Krupa. Back: Evelyn Bassett and Hayley Keiser.