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him 10%. Marhold noted Macko should have shown Jacob some courtesy. Marhold said anything under a certain amount can be accepted by the tax collector.

Supervisor Bob Orloski stated the board has received similar complaints from other residents that the township is addressing those complaints. He did point out, however, that the tax collector doesn’t answer to the supervisors; the tax collector is an elected official. Orloski said the supervisors are working to rectify the situation and prevent it from happening again.

The board voted to accept payment from Jacob at face value due to the circumstances with the tax collector. The township secretary was directed to prepare and send a letter to the tax collector.

In other business, the board approved a settlement agreement regarding the closure of the Mary Street Bridge before the PA Public Utility Commission to have the PUC change its order from replacing the bridge to having it removed. The bridge has been closed for 17 years and has not a significant effect on motorists. The agreement to remove it will save the taxpayers money.

Township solicitor Donald Brobst explained the parties that had to participate in the agreement, in addition to the township, also included the railroad, the county, the Department of Transportation, UGI, Pennsylvania American Water Co., and the PUC. The lawyers have been able to reach an agreement that basically gives the township what it wanted: removal, not replacement of the bridge.

Once the township receives final

approval, said Brobst, it can finally proceed, after 17 years, to get the bridge removed hopefully and be done with this project.

Under New Business, the township approved a motion to borrow $15,778.17 from First National Bank for the purchase of a new 2014 Ford Taurus cruiser at an interest rate of 2.25% for five years.

A bid in the amount of $7,600 was awarded for the sale of the township dump truck to Denaple’s Auto Parts.

The board adopted an ordinance authorizing Butler Township, in participating with Wright and Fairview townships, to apply for an ARLE Grant for 2014, which is an update for all traffic signals in Fairview, Wright and Butler township, and authorizing the Butler Twp. Manager to sign any and all documents regarding the grant.

Zoning Officer John Doddo reported the township received plans on the Geisinger building from Borton Lawson and they are going to be submitted to building codes for the permit so the work can begin. He noted the Planning Commission did not have a quorum last month but were scheduled to meet again last week. A windmill ordinance was to be presented.

The township will advertise to hold a public hearing on August 4, 2014 at 6:30 p. m. for the purpose of taking input on a proposed windmill ordinance. Also approved was advertising for adoption of the windmill ordinance at the supervisors’ meeting August 4, 2014 at 7:30 p. m.