Tax Collection Issue Aired At Fairview Township Meeting

A Fairview Township resident brought a tax collector problem before the Fairview Township Board of Supervisors at the board’s meeting on July 7.

Barry Jacob, of 6 Parkland Drive, told the board he paid his taxes on June 26, dropping them off in the box on Tax Collector Maxine Macko’s porch on June 27. Jacob stated he inadvertently made the check out for $811.48 instead of the $811.84 he owed in township taxes: a 46-cent discrepancy. The tax collector mailed Jacob a letter back post-marked June 30th stating there was an error on the enclosed check and voided out the check for being the incorrect amount. Because Macko did not accept his check or contact Jacob prior to June 30th to provide him time to rewrite the check, Jacob was taxed a 10% penalty fee.

According to Jacob, he contacted the Luzerne County Treasurer’s office and was informed the tax collector should have accepted the check with the 46-cent discrepancy. The treasurer’s office said to reissue the check and take it back to the Fairview tax collector. Jacob said he called Macko but she never called back. He reissued the check on July 1, 2014 and took it back to her. Macko sent Jacob another letter stating he was in the penalty period and directed him to write his check for the penalty amount. Jacob asserted that if the tax collector had contacted him by phone (his phone number is on the check), he could have dropped off another check prior to June 30th.

The Luzerne County Treasurer’s Office advised Jacob to go the board of supervisors to see if they would accept the face value of the taxes (without the 10% penalty) and if the board would accept it, to have the board send a letter to the tax collector. Jacob pointed out he has lived in Mountaintop all his life and has never had a late tax.

Supervisor Russ Marhold, who said he and the township secretary was aware of the situation before Jacob contacted the supervisors, said the supervisors will accept Jacob’s taxes at face value and not penalize

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