Nuangola Council Hears Sewer Woes

In a heated July 8th meeting, members of Nuangola council exchanged barbs, but report little success in resolving the problems dogging the lake community’s sewer project.

While personal jibes were exchanged, rare agreement was evident as council enumerated the unresolved issues with the $9+ million plan for sewering 420 housing units.

At the heart of the analysis was a discussion of punch-list items, begun under Public Comment by Sewer Authority Solicitor Bob Gonos. Gonos announced that there will be another –final -easement clearing opportunity for property owners to sign for the sewer lines already in place. As an inducement he added that the easement also ensures qualification for future maintenance by the Mountaintop Area Joint Sanitary Authority –the organization responsible for repairs to the completed system.

“On behalf of the Nuangola Borough Sewer Authority, we are going to have another easement signing session –probably the last one we will have. It’s going to be July 20th from 2 o’clock to 8 o’clock, which is a Sunday and Monday, those times are going to be determined, most likely in the evening, and also on Tuesday. There will be notices sent out to all the people that haven’t signed releases.

“And for the people that have signed releases, we have to make certain that the pipes and pumps are in the right location. So when they are recorded in the courthouse they are correct. There are about 110 of those still remaining –so out of 400 and some families, they still have not signed the easement and checked with me to verify that what they signed two or three years ago is still correct. I find that there are about 30-to 40% discrepancies from where they actually signed to have the pipe, to where it was placed…”

He noted, “I really need to impress this upon borough council –including some members that haven’t checked with me yet -that we should do this as soon as possible.”

Unfinished business was also raised by Council President John Kochan during a discussion of correspondence from Sewer Authority and Borough Engineer Quad3 regarding the closeout of the construction contract with low-bidder Wexcon, the company that installed the borough section of the sewer project.

He said that the letter was received late in the day, by email from Quad3 on behalf of the sewer authority requesting a list of, “any items associated with the closeout the low-pressure sewer system…

“Now, Joe Tucker and I have done this –how many times, Joe?”

Vice President Joseph Tucker replied, “At least three or four.”

Kochan stated that they have met with Quad3 and toured the torn-up roads of the borough many times identifying damage done to the roads and storm-water maintenance system during sewer construction. “It just doesn’t get done.”

Instead, he reports, the contractor is now requesting payment, “They expect that we should pay Wexcon on these Change Orders.”

Kochan said with frustration, “We’re going to look at it one more time.” Confusion on the date of the next meeting had Kochan retort, “You’re changing the meeting again. Now it’s going to be Monday and then they write you an email and say, ‘Gee, you didn’t make the meeting.” he commented sarcastically.

Sewer Authority Secretary Sally DiRico corrected Kochan saying a construction meeting was scheduled for Monday July 14 in the morning

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