Crestwood Teams Finish First, Second In Stock Market Game Competition

Two teams from Crestwood High School were recognized for finishing in first and second place in the Stock Market Game competition at The University of Scranton, which hosts one of the regional EconomicsPennsylvania Centers for Economic Education.

The Stock Market Game, a program of EconomicsPennsylvania, is a ten-week simulation during which students from three grade categories (4-6, 7-8, 9-12) invest an imaginary $100,000 by buying stocks listed on the major securities exchanges (New York, American and NASDAQ).

Students who compete in the Game learn how financial markets operate and hone their mathematics and decision-making skills. Separate ten-week competitions are held in the fall and spring. Team rankings are based on final portfolio values.

Teams that finished first, second and third in their grade categories (fall, spring and late spring) from the area served by The Honesdale National Bank Center for Economic Education at The University of Scranton Center were recognized at a recent awards ceremony.

The teams from Crestwood High School both participated in the fall competition at the 9-12 grade level. The awards ceremony was co-sponsored by The Honesdale National Bank and Prudential Financial.

EconomicsPennsylvania is a statewide not for profit affiliate of the national Council for Economic Education.