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donations were made the state had put the Ice Lakes on the stocking list. “We could once again get on the list. There was outcry at the time that the Ice Lakes residents did not want stocking the lakes with fish,” said Thomas.

Ranzie continued, “Why was $500 given to Blytheburn Lake?” The board said it was for Fishing Derby prizes. Thomas explained that Rice Township often donates to worthwhile events and organizations.

“We donate to the library. We donate to the Luzerne Foundation. The Blytheburn Lake Association opens the lake to the public for their fishing derby. They do a lot of upkeep to the dam,” replied Thomas.

Ranzie asked about the status of the new handicapped accessible dock project. Thomas said that the PA Handicapped Accessible Parks representative recommended the dock design. It is not legal to have pilings drilled into the lake itself. The dock will be anchored on to the shore and must be compliant with PA Fish Commission regulations.

The dock construction has not proceeded to date and Thomas said that the engineer for the project was away on vacation the day of the meeting. An update on the dock construction will be secured as soon as possible.

Carl Smith asked about the Fairwood and Polonia road project noting that it appears to be stalled. Roadmaster Mark Taney replied that the initial assessment of the roads done by Penn Eastern was done very early in the spring and now more of the road has fallen apart. “The quantity needed for base repair on Fairwood has increased. Fairwood was bid for 1200 square feet on the roads. The extent of damage was not originally visible. We are considering having Popple repair the road going up to the other blacktop and it will take more square yards. We have to see how this can be done with the bid we awarded,” explained Taney.

Planning Specialist Jack Varaly told the board that the 3-year cycle for Community Development Funds was coming up and Rice would eligible to apply for $100,000. The application must be submitted by August 15. Community Development Fund awards is based on a new community survey, comprehensive plan, and updates to the zoning ordinance and the SALDO. The Survey will be new and will develop goals and objectives. Amount will be approved at end of year. Funds will be available mid 2015.

Treasurer Barbara Wasiakowski reported that there is a total of $478,414.88 in all of the Rice Township accounts. General Checking and General Money Market total $351,774.23. Liquid Fuels is $112,831.20. Recreation Fund has $13,809.45.