Sarah Graham Excels In Academics, Music, Athletics
Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham has had an exciting spring season. She received High Honors for the 7th consecutive year at Immanuel Christian School with a 97% average. Sarah was also awarded 1st Place in a national art contest for her age group. Her instructor is Anita Herron of Mountaintop.

Music is an important part of Sarah’s life. She has taken piano lessons from Jen Poncavage for several years and is a member of the Tone Chimes at her school.

Sarah also plays softball in the Mountaintop Little League and was chosen to be on the All Stars team coached by Rick LeRoy and John Dushanko.

Sarah Rose, 13, is the daughter of Alyson and Mark Graham and granddaughter of Carol and Ron Graham and Joyce and Don Gross, Sweet valley.