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Lauer said, “We were told that that’s what we had to do that to get the money.”

Council member Mike Johnson jumped in, “That’s what we were told. And I think it just passed year after year of delays, they weren’t going to give us the grant or the loan without a guaranty and the borough has the power of taxation to ensure that the loan gets paid.”

“But,” Lauer reminded, “I know when we did sign -the primary thing was, if you do not sign, you will not get the loan that time,” Lauer affirmed.

Johnson added “things are looking okay,” as far as covering the borough’s commitment.

“Hopefully this is a self-funding project –hopefully,” Tucker said.

Residents were charged a tap-in fee of $2,025 and are now subject to monthly bills for treatment of $69.

Sewer Authority Secretary Sally DiRico emphasized the matter of local financing by interjecting, “If all of the residents make the payments, it will be self-funded.”

Lauer cautioned, “I know a lot of people who are not hooked up. They have their grinder pump in, but they are not hooked up.”

Tucker replied, “My understanding is that the borough is to enforce the connection fee and the mandatory hook up and the Sewer Authority and the Mountaintop Joint Sanitary Authority are responsible for the bill.” He said that properties not connected will have liens and penalties against their land to cover the costs.

In other business, council agreed to authorize the use of the Office of Community Development grant in the amount of $100,000 to update the borough’s Comprehensive Plan and Subdivision Land Development Plan, and possibly the official borough zoning map. The application will be submitted upon completion by Planning Consultant Jack Varalay.

Tucker’s Streets and Lighting report included the news that additional lights will be installed and upgraded around The Grove community center.

He also advised that sewer contractor Wexcon was back in the borough to complete road repairs. “We are having some issues as far as determining who is interpreting the contract. Some of the roads were in pretty bad shape before the contract, and they are saying now, how can you make the contractor repair roads that were in disrepair before?’”

Tucker concluded that the interpretation has been passed on to the desks of Borough Solicitor Jack Dean and Sewer Authority Solicitor Bob Gonos.