Nuangola Disputes Terms Of Sewer Loan

In a civilized exchange at Nuangola’s June 10th meeting, chaired by Vice President Joseph Tucker in the absence of President John Kochan, a resident questioned council on the loan guaranty that moved the controversial $9 million sewer project forward.

Thirty-year veteran borough secretary Carolyn Lauer asked council members why it was reported that the US Department of Agriculture, source of the grant and loan funding for the project, did not require an act of Council for the second loan.

Citizen’s Bank withdrew its funding offer to council, which is the taxing authority for the project area. Fulton Bank stepped in to finance the project.

“I was the secretary at that time and we were told we had to sign the loan. We really didn’t want to sign. The USDA said in order to get the money, we had to sign. I had to sign this form as secretary... Who told you that you didn’t have to cosign the loan?”

Tucker responded, “It was Tom Williams.” Williams is a Nuangola resident and the USDA Rural Development State Director.

Tucker added, “He found out after. We had to resign it again… And then we found out, after the closing, that we signed it, and we didn’t need to sign it.

“We were the first people in USDA history that ever backed the Sewer Authority Loan,” Tucker commented.

To which Councilor Regina Plodwick responded, “That’s nice to know -now.”

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