ST. JUDE STUDENTS EXCEL AT PJAS STATE COMPETITION-After attaining a First Place Award at the regional level of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition, thirty students from St. Jude School in Mountaintop qualified to advance to the state level of competition held at Penn State University Main Campus. At the state finals, twenty-five of those students earned First Place and four students earned Second Place Awards. One student was unable to attend. Makenzie Savner was awarded a Perfect Score. First Place was achieved by Devyn Boich, Dominic Capaci, Patrick Curley, Grace Dacey, Matthew DiGangi, Gabbi Frask, Nicholas Ganter, Chris Gibbons, Annie Hagenbuch, Matthew Hayden, Lizzie Kolojecheck, Kaylee Kotsko, Taylor Josefowicz, Molly McAndrew, Morghan Murphy, Brianna Philips, Alyson Rymar, Makenzie Savner, Valerie Soto, George Strish, Maria Strish, Katie Wills, Sean Wills, and Bryce Zapusek. Second PlacewasachievedbyYosiBere, EthanHoda, BenKoshinski, Madison Stoltz, andMcKayliaWard. Shown, frontfromleft:G. Strish, Soto, Hagenbuch, Frask, Murphy, Savner, and Kolojejchick. Row two: Curley, Stoltz, K. Wills, Boich, Joswfowicz, DiGangi, Hoda, Zapusek, Hayden, McAndrew, and Ward. Back: Dacey, Kotsko, Rymar, S. Wills, Bere, Ganter, Capaci, Phillips, and M. Strish. Missing from photo were Koshinski and Gibbons.