St. Jude School Honor RollAnnounced

Mrs. Jeanne Rossi, Principal of St. Jude School in Mountaintop, has announced that the following students have attained placement on the Honor Roll for the fourth quarter of the 2013-2014 academic year:

High Honors: Grade 8-Elizabeth Kolojejchick, Morghan Murphy, Brianna Phillips, Makenzie Savner, Maria Strish, and Sean Wills. Grade 7-Dominic Capaci, Patrick Curley, Anna Hagenbuch, Matthew Hayden, Taylor Josefowicz, Valerie Soto, George Strish, and Emily Thomas. Grade 6-Jared Bozinko, Mary Grace Eckert, Tim Gallagher, Abby Lapinski, and Ryan Williams.

Honors: Grade 8-Yosi Bere, Kaylee Kotsko, and Molly McAndrew. Grade 7-Devyn Boich, Grace Dacey, Matthew DiGangi, Nicholas Ganter, Alyson Rymar, Thomas Shafer, Madison Stoltz, Katherine Wills, and Bryce Zapusek. Grade 6-Peyton Miller, Derek Petrochko, and Dalton Preston.