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and spread two truck loads of sawdust on the upper park tot lot areas, worked on resetting and repairing school zone safety lights, cleaned ditches on Park Road, cut trees that had fallen during a rain storm at Washington Park and Walden Park entrances, completed pothole patching on all township roads, completed Clean Up 2014, completed picking up leaves throughout the township, and replaced various signs in the township.

In his report on Recycling, Zampetti noted 20 dumpsters of various recycling materials were processed and a total of 72,560 lbs. of streamline materials were processed. In addition, 77 ¼ hours of Community Service performed a total of $560.

During the month of May, the police department answered 300 incidents that included the following: 2 thefts, 2 criminal mischief, 2 DUIs, 1 public drunkenness, 1 harassment, 1 disorderly conduct, 1 loitering/ prowling at night, and 1 trespassing,

The fire department answered 22 emergency incidents last month, including 4 house fires, motor vehicle accidents with one entrapment.

The report also stated the PPC (Public Protection Class) from ISO for the township has been reduced to a 3 from a 6 in any area 1000ft or less from a fire hydrant and from a class 9 to a class 8b (or 3y) in any area more than 1000ft from a pressurized fire hydrant. This is a significant class decrease and should decrease premiums for home and business owners. This is the first time in the Mountaintop area of a rating lower than almost everyone in the state and a reduction in the class 9 status for the first time. This puts the community in the top 6% of the nation and the top 1% in Pennsylvania. For more information visit the fire department website at www.wtfd.com.