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A split vote also resulted from the

Co-Curricular Committee’s agenda

item on the appointment of extracurricular

positions for the 2014-

15 year. Chairman Norb Dotzel

presented the roster, which contains

all of the sports advisors for the

year. Jimm Zabiegalski addressed

the board asking for consideration

to retain the position of the Jr. High Head Soccer Coach, which he has had for the last two years. “I took that job two years ago when nobody wanted it. I stepped in about 2 weeks into the season.”

From that reluctant start, he said, he lead his co-ed team, to a 19 and 3 record in the two seasons, “I did that myself without one major incident, without one discipline problem, without one injury.”

Zabiegalski said he was told that it was assumed that he was not interested in a long-term commitment to coaching, but he said that wasn’t true and he asked that the board consider reinstating him.

When the vote came, the absence of Director Gene Mancini allowed a

4 –4 vote, which, under the board’s

protocols, meant the motion failed

and the position remained unfilled

for present.

Congratulations were in order for

the 257 members of the Crestwood

Class of 2014 said President Jerry

Orloski. “I’d like to thank everyone

involved with the graduation. I

think it was a good ceremony; ran very smoothly. The students did a good job. And I’d like to thank the administration and staff. It was a very good ceremony, it was very well done.”

And finally, Superintendent David McLaughlin-Smith thanked the staff, “both the professional and the support staff for help in closing the schools on Monday. I thought that went very well.”

He advised that projects to install security cameras in Fairview and Rice Elementary Schools will be rebid. He concluded, “Maintenance projects have already started to get ready for the first day of school on August 21st.”