Mountaintop Rotary Club Hosts Speaker From Africa Mercy Ship
ROTARY CLUB HOSTS GUEST SPEAKER-Scott Reed, a volunteer on the Africa Mercy Ship, a floating hospital, recently addressed the Mountaintop Rotary Club. Shown are Barbara Belongs, District Governer elect; Scott Reed. Debbie Reed. and Warren Reed.

The Mountain Top Rotary Club recently had the pleasure of having Scott Reed as our Guest Speaker. Scott is from the Mountaintop area and is currently serving as a volunteer on the Africa Mercy Ship, a floating hospital. Scott has spent the last 15 months as a medical supply coordinator and has now signed on for an additional two years.

The Rotary club was excited to hear about this and gave a contribution to assist him with his stay. It costs Scott over $1,000 per month to be on board. Rotary International has been involved with this project to a great extent.

Donations can be sent to the following to assist Scott with his stay.

Mercy Ships PO Box 1930

Garden Valley TX 75771-1930 Scott Reed #3354

Mountain Top Rotary meets every Wednesday at 7:30 a. m. at the Chalet Resturant. Please stop by to see if you might be interested in becoming a member.

Any qustions, please call Michelle Reilly 570-715-7752.