Zoning Issues On Wright Township Agenda

Zoning matters were among the agenda items at the monthly meeting of the Wright Township Board of Supervisors conducted June 9.

The zoning report for May 2014 stated an application made by Luigi’s Restaurant for a Variance for a scrolling sign was denied. However, the Zoning Hearing Board approved a Variance for the message on the sign to be changed twice daily. The owner has been complying with this order.

The Zoning Hearing Board also approved an application for a Special Exception for an apartment upstairs at the bar for the manager/ security person with the conditions that the owners submit evidence of employment for this person and have a designed space reserved for the manager.

The fire damaged Navin residence located at 4 Walden Drive has been demolished and the property graded.

Code Inspections Inc. issued six permits. $854 was collected for Code Inspection fess and $360 for township fees.

Last month, eight zoning permits were issued. There were no permits for the construction of new homes. $350 was collected for zoning permits.

The Planning Commission granted a 90-day extension to K. T. Holdings, Inc. Preliminary Land Development 2014 (Crestwood Industrial Park) to expire 9/15/14.

The Dollar General Preliminary Land Development 2013 was granted a 1-year extension to expire 5/23/15 and the MYSA Soccer Complex final land development 2013 was granted a 90-day extension to expire on 9/15/14.

Several topics were discussed at the township’s Environmental Advisory Council meeting on May 5 that included: the feasibility of the township selling bags for household garbage and collecting them at the recycling center, a list of items that constitute actual recyclable materials, the possibility of touring Rick Solomon’s facility, the proper method to recycle cardboard, the possible use of the compactor in the recycling building, and the federal government mandate for recycling electronics.

Supervisor Don Zampetti reported the Public Works Dept. was very busy last month. The road crew placed

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