Dorrance Considers Proactive Zoning Actions

Zoning matters dominated the June 9th meeting of the Dorrance Township Board of Supervisors.

Under reports, Solicitor Donald Karpowich and Zoning Officer Alan Snelson advised that they are preparing an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance regarding CAFO’s or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

Atty. Karpowich explained that he and Snelson had a work session on the subject and a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance has been drafted. “We plan to present it to Planning for review and recommendation. We will have a draft for the supervisors to consider approving for advertising at next month’s meeting.”

After the meeting the attorney said addressing the issue of the controversial commercial farming operation was a ”proactive” step on the part of the supervisors to define zoning issues through the updating of the township regulations.

“We’re going to address concentrated animal feeding operations… We’re going to regulate them and permit them in certain parts of the township by conditional use, which would require review and approval by the supervisors.

“The Nutrient Management Act does regulate them, but as to the operation we can regulate it as to the location. The state law does regulate a setback to a water body…CAFO’s are going to be excluded from the definition of Agriculture and treated separately.”

The zoning officer reported that four permits were issued in May –one for a single family dwelling;

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