potholes this week. Drain work and shoulder work have also been keeping the road crew busy.

A Tommy LiftGate 1342 to fit the 2011 GM 500 has been purchased for $3191.00 from Powell Sales and Svc. A minimum bid of $10,000 has been set to sell the 2000 GMC 3500 vehicle.

Popple Construction was awarded the job of paving portions of Pine Tree Rd, Highland Dr, Woodland Circle, part of Farmhouse Rd, and Longmeadow Rd. They placed the lowest bid of $199,893.25

A revised zoning map has been adopted per a motion made by Orloski. Additional names of subdivisions have been added as recommended by the township planning commission.

The Mountaintop Hose Company’s fund drive is doing exceptionally well and almost at the goal of $75,000. Dave Hourigan, hose company president, believes that the goal may just be surpassed.

A new steel roof will placed on the firehouse, pavilion, and shed due to the past rough winter. AJ Roofing/ Yazwinsky’s will be assisting with the roof along with several firemen.

That concern that litter along South Main Rd behind area businesses has grown was also discussed. Plastic bottles and garbage are starting to pile up in the wooded area behind Crestwood Pharmacy and the plaza. Marhold said the township will approach the businesses in that area or they will reach out to service organizations in the community to help with the clean up.

Under correspondence, it was noted a donation of $1,000 has been given to Kirby Library and a thank you letter was received from Wright Township for the fireworks that were provided to them. This year’ firework display is scheduled for July 3 with a rain date of a Sat., July 5.