Rice 2014 Road Rehabilitation Project To Begin

The Rice Township 2014 Roadway Rehabilitation Project is scheduled to begin Friday, June 13, according Rice Roadmaster Mark Taney’s report at the June 3 public meeting. Popple Construction won the bid for $86,160 Tuesday May 6.

Base repairs will be made to the most deteriorated parts of Fairwood and Aleksander Boulevards. Fairwood Blvd will have 4 inches of base and 1.5” of top. Aleksander, which receives a little less traffic, will receive 3 inches of base and 1.5” of top. The entire roadways will not be paved.

The Ice Lakes Floating Dock and ADA Parking project has begun. T. Brennan Heavy Equipment Inc. is constructing the structure under the supervision of Carl Schimmel of Quad 3. No estimate was given on the progress or completion of the floating dock project.

The truck ban on Route 309 North through Fairview and Hanover Townships from 4 a. m. to 11 p. m. daily has increased tractor trailer traffic on Nuangola Road, Church Road, and the bridge over Henry Drive in Rice Township. The official PennDot truck detour route directs vehicles to Interstate 81 from Route 309, when going north and also routes traffic south on I-81 to I-80 and then back to 309 N to proceed into Mountaintop and the Crestwood Industrial Park.

Of concern to residents at the meeting was the extra traffic that uses Church Road, where a bridge over Henry Drive has been listed for demolition sometime in the future. PennDot is not sanctioning any detours from Route 309 either North or South, but there are no weight limits listed on Nuangola or Church roads and trucks are using them.

Police Chief Bob Franks assured the residents that the Rice Township

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