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hours a week at a rate of $14 per hour.

Zampetti advised that the Road Department has been reclaiming winter-damaged roads with Roadmaster Matthew Howton’s report stating, “Swept township roadways with street sweeper subcontractor Di Angelo Brothers… Milled out roadways and patched areas on Stonehenge and Park Road. Took winter equipment off and inspected for wear and tear and repainted them. Pothole patching completed on all township roadways.”

He also reported, “Hosted 400 and 500 kids with local government day and explained what our responsibilities were and what we did for the public.”

Colleen Macko supplied the Fire Department report showing that 33 emergency calls were answered in April. Fire Chief David Pettit reported that the Fire Company is also conducting a 16 hour class in May. “It is the first part of a Vehicle Rescue Class that will extend into the July and August time frame with Part 2 and 3.”

The Fire Company is planning its annual Bazaar on June 13, 14 and 15, and Pettit wrote that the information can be found at