Crestwood School Board Proposes 2.7% Tax Increase

Crestwood School Directors, under the guidance of President Jerry Orloski, presented a Proposed Final Budget at the May 15 meeting.

The presentation was offered by Courtney Lomax, of the district business management agency, Albert B. Melone Company.

The detailed briefing included breakdowns on both the plus and minus fiscal categories and provided comparisons to the current budget for reference.

Lomax began, “Tonight we are presenting the 2014-2015 Proposed Final Budget for Crestwood School District.” She reminded that some months ago the board agreed to keep budget increases at or below the state imposed index of 2.7.percent. Having committed to that index, the district may offer a proposed Final in May, advertise and make it available for review, then bring the financial blue print before the Board in June for adoption, thereby eliminating the need for special meetings.

Lomax moved through the power-point program identifying salient features. The report posted the yearly total as $35,215,677, representing a tax rate of 9.5013 mills.

Revenue issues focused mainly on local funding, she advised, a fact consistent with most annual budgets. In the present case the local share tallies over $20 million -mostly from income and property taxes. Lomax estimates that the proposed millage will result in over $16.1 million in revenue.

State revenues are pegged at $13,695,755 and include over $1.6 million toward the half share of retirement costs. Another $355,000 from a Ready to Learn Block Grant is expected, she said, with the assumption that those funds may be

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