27%. She received a gift card for some new clothes, and had her hair done by Dawn at Design Works. Carol stresses, however, that everyone who participated was a winner, losing on average anywhere between 30 and 85lbs. Carol says she will remain forever grateful.

“This contest gave me the chance. If it wasn’t for them I would still be where I was.”

Carol relates she learned invaluable information and gained a new lifestyle through the classes, currently following the prescribed protocol of 5 small meals a day that involve what she calls “real food”. The spin classes gave her a high cardio boost while still being low impact and easy on the joints. The strength exercises were modified to accommodate each and every body type. Carol also says that the facility itself was helpful; it was close by, and small so she didn’t feel overwhelmed like she had at other gyms. She also enjoyed the one on one time she was able to have with the trainers and staff to answer any questions she had or help her deal with any challenge.

“To exercise at such a high weight is difficult,” remarks Carol. “Spin is easy on your knees. Who would have ever thought I could do a plank or jumping jacks? It always felt that you could do it and the strength training made you stronger and gave you much confidence. “

“I don’t crave fast food anymore,” continues Carol. “I don’t binge at 9pm on sweets. I eat real food that is not processed. I understand now how that all works and I have all intention of staying.”

Carol says she can move around much easier now. Something most of us take for granted, such as carrying a child up the stairs, was one of her fitness goals that she has happily attained. She also believes that, unlike fad diets that are a dime a dozen, this kind of lifestyle is definitely maintainable. Although she is looking to lose another two sizes, and is saving that gift card until she does, she is already off one of her medications and her doctors are hoping to cease a second.

“It’s a lifesaver. I feel 100% better. It was a godsend to me and I’m doing this for me now.”

Carol knows that the road ahead will not be like the last six months; she knows that her long working hours and other responsibilities will require a change in routine and more patience. She is ok with that, confident that she