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bracelet to a pawn shop, knowing that it belonged to Moore’s mother. Esposito said he got bags of heroin for selling the stolen items. All of the money received from the stolen goods was used to buy heroin.

On February 26, 2014 defendant Zachary John Hogan came to the PSP Hazleton Barracks at their request for an interview. Advised of his Miranda Rights he waived them and agreed to talk to the PSP without an attorney. Hogan related that a approximately two weeks prior co-defendant Eric Moore called him and told him he had just got money for selling his TV to buy heroin. He related that a couple days later he went to We Buy Everything with Moore after Moore showed up with a meat packer and other items in a box. He did not know what the other items were. He related that he used his ID to sell these items. Hogan related that another time he went to Moore’s house, where Moore opened his garage door and they loaded car scales into his vehicle. Moore and Hogan drove to We Buy Everything and sold them using his ID.

On May 1, 12014 co-defendant Moore came to the PSP Hazleton Barracks, where he provided a statement relating that he stole a set of race car scales from his garage with the help of the defendant Zachary Hogan, which they sold at We Buy Everything for $100. He stated that Hogan carried it out himself because he was not strong enough. Hogan and Moore went to We Buy Everything and sold the sausage stuffer for $80.

Moore also told the PSP that he also stole electric tools from Aton’s garage and sold them at We Buy Everything for $50. He related that the last time was when he stole his mother’s vacuum and sold it at the same place for $60.

Esposito was charged with Felony Receiving Stolen Property on February 26, 2014. He is scheduled for formal arraignment on May 23.

Moore and Hogan are awaiting their Preliminary Hearing before Magistrate Ron Swank.