Carol Davis Wins Fitness Place ‘Biggest Loser’ Competition
BIGGEST LOSER WINNER Carol Davis dropped 85 pounds to win the Fitness Place competition.
BEFORE starting the Biggest Loser comptition, sponsored by The Fitness Center, Carol Davis was 85 pounds heavier than she is today. Carol read about the contest in the Mountaintop Eagle.

It isn’t every day that a simple contest changes one’s life, but Carol Jean Davis is a different woman than she was 6 months ago –quite literally. The Mountaintop resident lost 85lbs throughout the six-month “Biggest Loser” contest sponsored by The Fitness Place, and has changed her lifestyle completely.

Carol answered a contest ad she saw in the Mountaintop Eagle by sending in the requested photo and letter explaining why she thought she would be a good candidate for the contest. From November 7 through April 13, the contestants had to have either lost weight or maintained their weigh during weekly weigh-ins, or they were knocked out of contention. Out of twenty-six who wrote letters, 12 people showed up to the first weigh-in. In the end, four were left.

Between the weekly weigh-ins, the Fitness Place staff ran spinning classes and arranged strength training and nutrition classes. They monitored the contestants’ progress and provided information, guidance, and encouragement -all at no cost to the contestants. Carol said it was the contest aspect and the weigh-ins that kept her accountable and while the first few weeks were difficult, once her routine was established it simply became part of her life.

“They were very helpful. Diane and the staff did a heck of a job with not just me but everybody,” says Carol. “I am very, very grateful to them for offering this contest. “

Overall progress for the sake of choosing a winner was monitored via percentage of body weight lost so no one person or body type was at an advantage or disadvantage. Carol won the contest by losing roughly

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