Dorrance Township Grants Button Business Approval

After months of planning and zoning procedures, two Buttonowned projects were addressed in a brief May 12th Dorrance Supervisors’ meeting.

The culmination of special hearings, legal maneuvering and –along with a joint application by the Buttons and Dorrance to satisfy state regulations -a detailed roster of conditions were applied to the Board’s ‘yes’ vote on a Land Development Plan.

Fueling this process was the township’s insistence on compliance for both the Blue Ridge Trail Plaza Convenience Store and Deli owned and operated by Edward and Sandra Button; and the adjacent and more recent propane fuel delivery and service business that operates under the name of Button Oil Company, Inc.

The conditions were hammered out and approved by the planning commission, reported Zoning Officer Alan Snelson.

Solicitor Donald Karpowich advised that the Land Development plan codifies the existent facilities on the 11-acre parcel consisting of the convenience store/ deli and gas station located at the Dorrance exit of Interstate 81 on Blue Ridge Trail, and the commercial propane business which houses a 30,000 gallon storage tank, smaller empty propane tanks for delivery to customers and facilities for providing the fuel for home delivery.

These are the conditions, Karpowich explained, “1. They have to submit an irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of $28,100 in a form acceptable to the township, renewable annually for the life of the project… 2. They have to reimburse the township for professional consulting fees in the amount $798.25. A bill has been generated as of May 8th… 3. Is to submit a Zoning Permit Application and pay an application fee of $200 to include all of the accessory structures on the property…”

The attorney advised that all conditions are noted for the record and upon receipt of the approval of the Board of Supervisors the plan will be recorded with the courthouse within 90 days.

Karpowich also noted that the conclusion of this long review process provides for the withdrawal of a Zoning Hearing Board appeal filed by the Buttons.

The motion to approve the Land Use Plan was made by Chairman

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