ST. JUDE STUDENTS CONDUCT SEDER CELEBRATION-Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at St. Jude School in Mountaintop conducted a Seder Meal as part of their religion curriculum on a Day of Prayer held during Holy Week. The celebration included rituals, prayers, and foods that are symbolic of the Israelites bondage in Egypt and of their deliverance. The food included horseradish symbolizing the bitter herbs, haroset made of diced apples, cinnamon, wine, and walnuts representing the mortar for the bricks for the Egyptians, parsley dipped in salt water symbolizing tears of the Hebrews when they were slaves in Egypt, hard boiled eggs, and matzoh. Shown, front from left: Dillon Skupski, Brandon Wejkszner, Peyton Miller, Molly Dugan, Jared Bozinko, Abby Lapinski, and Derek Petrochko. Back: Dalton Preston, Lauren Poharski, Ryan Williams, Tim Gallagher, and Mary Grace Eckert.