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Foundation in Hazleton donated $5K. Annalise Moghul opened up the community fund drive with a very generous gift of $4,000, and with several months left to go, the Mountaintop Hose Company is well on their way with $67,000 raised so far toward their $75K goal. Hourigan and the crew are confident.

“We are confident we will surpass our goal by mid-June,” notes Hourigan. “We have a good reputation within the community, so when we ask for something, they trust us and they respond.”

There is also money being budgeted for a new roof on the fire house and other buildings, which see more punishment than normal from the wind atop the mountain. The roof is over 30 years old and has been losing shingles, so the budget calls for a steel roof that will last longer and better able to protect the fire apparatus from the wind. Volunteers will do some of the work themselves.

Anyone interested in helping can, of course, contribute directly. However, the fire company is holding their special Anniversary Dinner on September 13 at Glenn Summit Clubhouse and will be open to the community. Ticket prices and menu from Dente’s Catering will be available and publicized in the coming months. Hourigan says the plan at that time is to recognize community members and company members for their contributions and to have a nice, fun, casual evening get together. Frank Orloski Jr. will be the Master of Ceremonies.

And don’t forget the annual Fireman’s Bazaar the 3rd week in July that always offers food, entertainment and family games and prizes. Hourigan says they will have some new items and are, of course, hoping for good weather!

“It’s exciting to us to have this kind of support and have people recognize our efforts and support us financially for what we do for the community,” concludes Hourigan.