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personal use.

Solicitor Dean said that Mr. Rockman (Marcia Thomas’ attorney for her settled lawsuit with Rice Township) had filed a Right to Know Request, which he is entitled to do. The cell phone records for Miller Stella from 2010 to 2014 were pulled. Records are voluminous. Certain things are excluded from production and are protected. Several days have been spent reviewing and redacting information at Dean’s office. Dean estimated three full days of work but it would be a few thousand dollars.

Auditor Carl Smith said he inquired about the issue since Miller Stella was the only supervisor to have a township paid cell phone. “I sincerely believe that if the township is providing the cellphone it should be used only for township business and not personal business,” said Smith.

Smith added “The township paid Rosenn Jenkins and Greenwald $25,000 dollars for you and George’s defense or whatever they were hired to do and in my opinion that was a waste of township money. That money could have been used for other things. It could have been used to stock the Ice Lakes.”

Stella retorted, “I’m not even going to talk about that because it is a part of history now. And that’s the way it is.”

Attorney Dean I don’t think it serves anybody’s best interest to come and pick stabs.

Thomas added that there have been targeted Right to Know requests that have been filed and she asked Stella to search his soul about this.

Stella said he had never told or counseled anybody to file Right to Know Requests and he also has never filed any himself. “We need to move on with a positive note. Let’s bygone’s be bygones,” said Stella.

Thomas added, “Let’s all agree to grow up.”

Auditor Felicia Bierzynski added, “A township paid cell phone is not for personal use.”

Stella told Bierzynski that if she wanted his phone back she could have it.

Stella said, “No problem, I’ll do it tonight, but I’m taking the card out of there. That’s my own personal phone.”