Mountaintop Hose Co. No. 1

Mountaintop Hose Co. No. 1 Celebrating 75th Anniversary With Special Dinner, New Truck

The Mountaintop Hose Company is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year, and what better way to mark the occasion than with a special dinner open to the Mountaintop community and a special fundraising drive to help defray the cost of the purchase of a new fire truck.

Current members of the company, founded in 1939, have been planning the event since late last summer, and those meetings happened to coincide with the inevitable discussion of replacing their 2001 Pierce pumper truck which is now 13 years old. From his experience, Mountaintop Hose Company President Dave Hourigan knows that the trade in value of a fire truck plummets when the apparatus reaches 15 years old, and that was on the mind of the volunteers. They had no choice, but to put it on the market, and they found a buyer who will pick it up on May 21.

“The dealer offered us a strong price sight unseen,” says Hourigan. “He knows Mountaintop from prior purchases and knows we take good care of our trucks.”

Hourigan says that the new pumper has already been ordered, that fire apparatus are always custom made and built from scratch. The 2014 Pierce pumper will have a capacity of 1750GPM and a compressed air foam system which greatly improves the company’s firefighting capabilities.

“We don’t fight fires with just water,” notes Hourigan. “Foam suppresses fire quicker with much less water damage.”

While Mountaintop Hose Company has foam compressors on their engines, technology is always changing and the new pumper will require members to do a few extra training hours when it arrives. The new truck also has an LED lighting package for better visibility during night fires with less draw on the electrical capacity of the truck.

The new truck will be delivered June 30. The hose company will have a loaner truck on hand during the month between pickup of the old truck and delivery of the new one, so there will be no break in coverage or capacity for residents. Ordering the truck so far in advance was a big leap of faith for the company, but Hourigan remarks he was confident that they would raise the money. Volunteers set this year’s fundraising goal at $75K to match the year anniversary.

“We have the same core group of people for the last 25 years who have been working together and we all know what we need to do very close knit group of people who are dedicated to helping people and doing the right thing,” explains Hourigan.

Hourigan says that there were several financial resources that came through for the company in a big way. Volunteers petitioned the FM Kirby Foundation, who typically supplies grant money to the company on a regular basis, for a special grant for the truck and received $25,000. Volunteer members of the company themselves were able to contribute over $10k, and the First Federal

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